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Faraj Suleiman (فرج سليمان)
Questions on my mind (Better than Berlin, 2022)

I got some questions on my mind
about you, about the hood
about how time went by
about what you've lowkey done
if the valley has really dried
if what's left are only stones

It hurts here in Berlin
it's beautiful, full of crowds
but I miss Um Sabri
and you is what I miss most

Tell me all the news you have,
give me some gossip you got
without the chatty neighbors
coffee's lost all meaning
Who leased their house to a collaborator?
well, who became the cheapest dealer?
who was caught by his wife
with his girlfriend at a cabin

They say that Hamoudi
the one who lifts and works out
is spending two years in jail for robbing the post office
Is Atef still in the construction work?
fatigue still didn't break him down?



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giovedì   09/06/2022





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